In the early 1970’s, at the same time that discussions were occurring regarding amending the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act to recognize COGs, the people involved in the Councils of Governments (COG) movement expressed a desire to establish a state-wide association of COGs. At the February, 1972, Pennsylvania Local Government Conference, a committee was set up to explore this issue. After numerous meetings and considerable study, the Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Governments (PACOG) was formally established on April 14, 1973, with nine charter members.

Membership is open to any Pennsylvania Council of Governments or similar organization that is established by formal action of the governing body of each of their municipal members, or composed of at least two municipalities, and is active in the solution of problems common to their individual member municipalities. Upon payment of the annual membership dues, the organization becomes a voting member of the Association.

Associate PACOG Membership is open to any business, company or organization providing services or supplies to member COGs and/or their member municipalities. Associate members are nonvoting members.

PACOG is primarily financed through membership dues.

The PACOG Board of Delegates consists of one official from each member COG. Each member COG also designates an alternate delegate to PACOG. Officers are elected at the Annual Conference. The Board of Delegates determines the general policies of the organization, supervises officer activity, determines committees, adopts the budget, recommends the membership dues schedule, and performs duties usually vested in corporate boards of directors.

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