Code of Ethics

The Association adopted the following CODE OF ETHICS in 1979, and encourages member COGs with professional staff to adopt the same code:

I. PACOG staff directors shall endeavor to assure that the affairs of the council are open to the public to the extent encouraged and permitted by law and by duly adopted regulations of their governing bodies.

II. Staff Directors in carrying out their duties shall be responsible for treating all persons fairly.

III. Staff Directors shall not use their positions to influence public or private decisions from which they or their immediate families would gain personally and shall fully disclose in advance to their governing bodies any private or personal interest that may be affected by decisions of the governing body.

IV. Staff Directors shall engage in no other occupation or trade which will detract from the faithful performance of their duties for the council.

V. Staff Directors shall not engage in any Association which may reflect adversely upon the council or which might prejudice or discredit the performance of the council or the Staff Director.

VI. Staff Directors shall not use their public positions to influence the outcome of elections for public office.

VII. Staff Directors shall undertake to increase their knowledge and skills in their profession and provide their staffs reasonable opportunities to develop and improve their knowledge and abilities.

VIII. Staff Directors shall endeavor to facilitate constant and close communication with their governing bodies and the constituent governments of their councils.

IX. Staff Directors shall recognize the primacy of their governing bodies in determining policies. They shall provide their governing bodies with facts and advice on matters of policy as a basis for making decisions and setting regional goals and shall uphold and foster implementation of policies adopted by their councils.

X. Staff Directors shall act with integrity and openness in their relationships with policy officials as well as with other staff directors and municipal managers

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