Intergovernmental Cooperation A to Z

A list of shared services, personnel and equipment.

The more popular COG cooperative programs are underlined, and by clicking on those underlined programs, the name of individual COGs can be obtained and an email can be sent directly to them.

Abandoned Vehicle Removal
Accu-Weather Program
Aerial photo Maps
Air Pollution Control
Animal Control
Animal Shelter
Auction of Surplus Equipment
Audio Visual Equipment
Benefits and Salary Survey
Bikeway Signing
Bikeway System Plan
Blood Bank
Bridge Inventory and Inspection
Bus System
Bus Terminal
Cable TV
Calendar of Meetings
CDBG Program Administration
Circuit Riding Management
Code Enforcement – UCC, BOCA
Collective Bargaining Coordination
Community Development
Community Revitalization
Computer Network
Computer Service Bureau
Computer Systems Study
Credit Union
Crime Prevention
Criminal Investigations
Data Processing
Demolition Program
Detective Services
Directory of Municipal Officials
Dog Law Enforcement
Drug and Alcohol Testing
Dry Fire Hydrants
Earned Income Tax (EIT)
Economic Development Plan
Emergency Dispatch Center
Emergency Information Manual
Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Assistance
Emergency Preparedness Plan
Employee Benefits
Employee Handbook
Enterprise Zone Administration
Equipment Sharing
Fee Schedule
Fire and Rescue Training
Fire Department
Fire Equipment
Fire Mutual Aid
Fire Training Site
Fiscal Services Center
Flood Insurance
Flood Recovery/Prevention
Fuel Tanks and Automated Dispensing
Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Government Access TV Channel (Cable)
Grants Administration
Handicapped Access Plan
Health Benefits
Health Department
Heavy Equipment maintenance
Highway Equipment
Highway Planning and Development
Historic Preservation
House Numbering
Housing Programs
Human Services Center
Hydro-Electric Project
Incinerator Study
Industrial Development
Information/Research Service
Insect and Weed Control
Insurance Pooling
Investment Pools
Job Descriptions
Junk Vehicle Removal
K-9 Team
Land Reclamation
Line Striping Equipment
Lock Up Facilities
Mapping of Streets
Marcellus Shale
Mechanic Services
Mental Health/Retardation Program
Motor Pool
Municipal Management
Mutual Aid – Fire
Mutual Aid – Police
Neighborhood Center for Senior Citizens
Office Supplies Purchasing
Operation ID
Ordinance Coordination
Park Maintenance
Parking Facilities
Pension Plan Administration
Personnel Classification
Police Bomb Squad
Police Communications
Police Community Relations
Police Dispatch
Police Equipment
Police Evidence Collection
Police Film Library
Police Firing Range
Police Investigative Task Force
Police Labor Relations
Police Mutual Aid
Police Records Center
Police Records Microfilming
Police Regional
Police Tactical Unit (SWAT)
Police Testing
Public Works Technical Assistance
Quality Testing for Water Systems
Railroad Right-of-Way Use
Rails to Trails
Recreation Facility
Recreation Programs
Refuse Collector Licensing
Rental Housing Committee
Risk Management Study
River Recreation Study
Road Materials Purchasing
Road Signing
Road Use Ordinance
Safety Services Mapping
Salary Analysis
Salary and Benefits Survey
Salt Bidding and Storage
Senior Citizens Center
Sewage Collection System
Sewage Enforcement Officer
Sewage Treatment Plant
Sewer and Water Plan
Sewer Maintenance/Cleaning
Sign Machine
Sign Ordinance
Snow Forecasting Service
Softball/Recreation Complex
Solid Waste Collection
Solid Waste Disposal
Solid Waste Plan
Sports Arena
Storm Water Management
Street Lighting
Street Naming
Street Signs
Subdivision Regulation
Surplus Food Distribution
Swimming Pools
Tax Billing
Tax Collection
Technical Assistance
Tourism Promotion
Traffic Signal Maintenance
Transit System
Transportation Development District
Transportation Planning (MPO)
Trick or Treat Scheduling
Urban Redevelopment
Vector Control
Wage and Benefits Study
Water Authority
Weight Limit Enforcement
Weights and Measures
Workers’ Compensation
Xerox and Printing Center
Youth Activities Program
Zoning Administration

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