Services and Benefits

Executive Director: Responsibilities of the Executive Director include writing agendas and minutes for meetings, financial records and reports, payment of bills, collection of dues, correspondence, and publishing the newsletter. Regular meetings of the PACOG Board of Delegates are held at various locations throughout the state. Members are notified in advance of the time and place of the meetings.

Since 1985, the PACOG Board of Delegates has appointed the Pennsylvania State Association of Boroughs to provide administrative services through the assignment of a PACOG Executive Director.

Information Resource Center: The PACOG Executive Director maintains a file of resource materials to aid new and existing member COGs in researching and implementing programs. The Information Resource Center is a library of documents and resources developed with the cooperation of COGs that relies on a constant flow of information from member COGs to make the Center most effective.

Legislation: PACOG is active in promoting beneficial legislation of concern to its members and local government in general. The Association was particularly active in the amendment to Act 180, the Intergovernmental Cooperation Act of 1972, which provided legislative recognition of COGs and COG programs in the law of the Commonwealth.

PACOG was also instrumental in the enactment of Act 13 of 2001, which establishes COGs and other intergovernmental cooperatives as legal entities with regard to the State and its agencies.

PACOG is working for increased funding for COGs through both the State Administration and Legislature.

Marketing: Outreach efforts are demonstrated by experienced COG administrators and leaders visiting and speaking to groups interested in forming a new COG. COG leaders also work with existing COGs that are interested in new project/program ideas.

Quarterly Newsletter:
PACOG publishes a quarterly newsletter that provides member the opportunity to showcase their programs and activities. It also provides information on State Agency programs, grant opportunities, and legislation important to COGs.

Annual Conference: PACOG holds a conference each year to provide a forum for the exchange of information, development and training opportunities, and how to improve COG efficiency and effectiveness.

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