Strategic Plan

PURPOSE: With the changing economy impacting the revenues, expenditures and services of counties and municipal governments, achieving efficiencies and effectiveness is more important then ever. The most direct way to achieve this is through active, committed, productive intergovernmental cooperation.

The Pennsylvania Association of Councils of Governments (PACOG) is the single, central organization representing Councils of Governments (COGs) and local intergovernmental cooperation throughout the Commonwealth. In February 2009, PACOG adopted a new Strategic Plan envisioning the significant enhancing and strengthening of the organization and its mission supporting local governmental efficiency and effectiveness through collaboration.

GOALS: The goals of the Strategic Plan are to:

  1. Position PACOG as the overall “Go to Resource” for intergovernmental issues, opportunities, and questions in Pennsylvania.
  2. Make PACOG the central, visible, active, and effective organization and program serving COGs and the full range of intergovernmental organization needs and processes throughout Pennsylvania;
  3. Significantly elevate and improve PACOG’s visibility, standing, and programs supporting COGs and intergovernmental organizations across Pennsylvania.
  4. Set PACOG apart from, yet in full partnership with, the other municipal associations through the active support of cross-jurisdictional, intergovernmental collaboration and coordination.

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